The Kings of Herts Chorus


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How time flies

when you’re having fun...

In the 1980s, a group of young men in a Harpenden local put their heads together and decided to sing in harmony. They succeeded. Kings always succeed.

Today, we number around forty, including a healthy regular turnout of twenty five plus at weekly rehearsals, plus singouts, concerts, national events and home-and-away do’s with other harmony clubs.

Ages range from early twenties to infinity. We originate from all over the British Isles, but - of course - we’re based in Herts. We’re a harmony of bankers, a builder, an architect, a naval architect, a design engineer, an HR-man, two lecturers,  a minicab driver, a fireman turned educator, a shipbroker, some IT people, an oilman, a financial manager, a car mechanic, a wholesaler, a sales manager, a programme director, energetic retirees and, these days, a couple of job-seekers.

RIGHT: A selection of voices





Dan Parkes is hands-on when it comes to helping our afterglow bar steward, shifting a piano, or putting up the risers we sometimes stand on. A mean street-dancer, he’s vocal too! - with us and with the local amateur operatic society.

Ronan McArdle is an one-time karaoke crooner who’s a strong Lead in barbershop, singing the melody  around which the other  voices harmonise. He’s active in searching out modern songs for the Chorus to sing acappella.

Ken Smith’s voice is heard whenever there’s a guitar at hand; as a King among Kings; as one of the quartet Broadside; and with his brother Roger (of Oxford Harmony) bringing together scratch ensembles as Brothers in Harmony – Ken was a respectable banker, in the good old days…

Richard Burton took over as Webmaster of this site in mid-2012. Before becoming a King in 2011, he sang in a short-lived staff choir at a school where he offers IT support. An outdoor man, he’s into dog-walking, fishing, sailing, kayaking and e-biking. (e-biking?) after thirty years in the London Fire Brigade.